A functional, constantly varied, high intensity strength and conditioning program. In this 60 minute CrossFit class, coaches will lead members through various olympic lifts, strength movements, gymnastics, and cardio exercises. We will use an array of equipment including barbells, rowers, kettlebells, medicine balls, pull-up bars, and more. The workout changes every day to provide variety and preparedness for anything life throws at you. Whether you are training for a 5K, a sporting event, obstacle course race, or keeping up with your kids, CrossFit Eagan will help you accomplish your goals.

CrossFit 30

Our take on high intensity circuit training. In this 30 minute class, the goal is to use bodyweight, cardio, and some weight to create the perfect blend of strength and conditioning to help reach fitness goals. Coaches will lead you through movements like step ups, mountain climbers, cardio, slamballs, and burpees. We use a variety of equipment including echo bikes, boxes, rings, dumbbells, ski ergs, and more to increase your heart rate, burn calories, and build strength. These workouts are great for people looking to increase their cardio, cross train for endurance sports, or just become more active.